Physical Bodywork

Be kind to yourself. Relax and unwind!

Hellerwork Structural Integration Bodywork

Hellerwork is the evolution of Rolfing. If you have not heard of Rolfing I will explain!

This is a 10 session series that works on your fascia - the endless web that holds your body in certain patterns based on your habits, injuries, and emotional wounds. As I work with you, unconscious memories will start to be revealed! This will help you to let them go and shift the way you carry yourself and move through the world and your life.

The energy you used to use to avoid the pain will be released and utilized to manifest your dreams into reality.

You will also move out of pain and look younger and more vibrant.

Each session has a theme:

  1. Inspiration - open up your ribcage to allow for more air to flow in so you are more embodied
  2. Standing on your own two feet: Aligning your feet underneath your knees and hips - looking at how your support yourself - your foundation!
  3. Reaching Out - we work on the neck, arms and side of the body- how do you set boundaries and deal with anger?
  4. Control and Surrender - Comprehensive leg and pelvis session - clearing wounding around sexuality and potty training
  5. The Guts - Clearing old energy in the psoas muscle and helping you do trust your gut
  6. Holding Back - we will work on your back and the back of the legs - Where do you hold back in your life?
  7. Losing your Head - Neck, head and face! This is the last place you could hold back expression - be ready to be unleashed and free!
  8. The Feminine - working on the lower half of the body and looking into the receptive energy and balancing it.
  9. The Masculine - working on the upper half of the body and looking into the outward focused energy.
  10. Integration! Fine tuning - working on what needs attention on the entire body to complete the series!

Description Price
90 minutes per session $250.00/session